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Decembeard: A Santa DIY

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Confession time: I’m a total sucker for funny moustaches, but strictly not on people’s faces. I love moustache party favours, stickers, you name it!
I was going to make some moustaches to use as magnets and push-pins, but since it’s Christmas time and I’ve done absolutely no decorating, behold my Santa Beard  magnet/pushpin DIY!

Time: 15 minutes or less

-White and/or sparkly foam sheets found at my local dollar store
-Scissors, craft blade & a pen
-Self adhesive magnet roll or push pins


1. Draw out your santa beard on space paper and cut it out


2. Trace out the beard on the back side of your foam sheet.


3. Cut out beard with scissors and if use your craft blade to cut out the mouth piece.


4. Cut your magnet to size, peel off paper to expose adhesive and attach it to the back of your beard (or Rudolf nose!)


5. You can use the same method to create festive push-pins for your office corkboard or inspiration board. Simply use a little hot glue to attach a pushpin to the back of the beard.

This fun and fast DIY has made my refrigerator so jolly, and maybe it’ll remind me to decorate for Christmas ASAP!



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A Post-it Christmas…or How to Decorate for the Lazy

Hey they were trees once right?!

This was equal parts laziness and modernism

And we kind of love it!

After a long, draining week, I’m so excited to recharge and spend some time with my amazing sister watching Muppets Christmas Carol and being silly, bake holiday cookies with my best friends, and relax with my guy.



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