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Style Nights


Saturday night was my birthday, but I’m totally over celebrating with dinner then dancing. The day started with a birthday brunch for one of my oldest friend (whose birthday is the same day) then onto Style Night at Ma-Luxe studios. I’ll preface this by saying that no one asked me to write about this event, I just think it’s the greatest idea ever!
Ma-Luxe Style Nights offers professional hair/makeup/nails at amazing prices all under the same roof to help us ladies get ready for all the events during the holiday season. Saturday was the inaugural Style Night, and it was sooo sooo fun! Complete with champagne and dance music, it was like getting ready with girlfriends, if your girlfriends were a professional beauty team. Their menu lets you pick from an array of beauty options, from a classic red lip to a full face and up-do.
The sweetest thing, when the amazing ladies there found out it was my birthday they went above and beyond to make it special for me. When the owner of a company brings you a chocolate/peppermint cake pop…so sweet!

Anyhoo..for anyone fortunate enough to live in Victoria BC, there’s another Style Night next saturday Dec 14th! I highly recommend checking it out!

xo Alana

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