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kelly Wearstler Inspired Christmas DIY

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It’s almost Christmas!! Last night I decided My mantel needed a little more Christmas decoration so I made a mini version of¬†this DIY inspired by kelly Wearstler’s brass kaleidoscope! It took me 5 minutes to make, and about an hour to let the spray paint dry.

IMG_0948 2

Tools Needed:

– Self drying clay
– tooth picks
– spray paint

3 21. Roll the clay into small balls, start placing tooth picks into the clay.1 2 2. You can add as many or as little tooth picks as you want, for different looks.
2 23. Spray paint in a well ventilated space, wait an hour or two and you’re done!

IMG_0951 2

I added these plus a few sparkly christmas balls to the candles on my mantel, perfect for Christmas tomorrow!



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DIY Kelly Wearstler Inspired Anemone

I spied this Kelly Wearstler brass sculpture a while ago and it has never left my mind, so I decided to DIY it! The original is called a kaleidoscope, but I’d rather call it an anenome! The light it casts on the wall is really beautiful, almost under waterly (I know that isn’t a word, but I’m using it anyway!)

I began by taking a styrofoam ball and about 150 straws, another good option would be wooden skewers. I drove the straws in as deep as I could, and secured some with glue. Then I coated it with Krylon champagne coloured spray paint an voila! It’s definitlely not as awesome or strong as a brass sculpture would be, but until I have an extra 2 grand available for art, this will have to do! I really love my new sculptures and I think I’m going to make half anemones to hang on my wall!


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