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A Living Photo from this day, hanging with my Indian tikka!

xo Alana

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East / West

Another bonus to marrying into a family from India, aside from the food, colourful ceremonies, and again the food…. is the jewelry!!

Planning a Hindu wedding was a crash course in traditional Indian style, and now I’m having fun experimenting with a blend of east & west. One of my favourite pieces, seen here and here, is called a tikka. It looks like an earring with a long chain that hooks into the hair while the jeweled part lies on the forehead.

I paired my tikka with a leather Calvin Klein dress, a messy side braid, and a few bangles. I love how the look is neither Indian nor western, but a nice marriage of the two. Recently seen on the Chanel runway, East meets West is a super fun style to experiment with, and an accurate title for my life!

Have a great weekend!


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