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Dream, Create on Instagram

IMG_30511. A lovely birthday gift from my girls!
IMG_30522. Having fun with said lovely gift.
IMG_3106 3. Another gift that is so strangely perfect for me! I spray paint everything, I may or may not be Banksy.
IMG_29804. A birthday gift from my mom, which hasn’t left my side since I got it!
IMG_30145. Pairing a vintage polka dot skirt and leopard heels the other day.im6. Drive through Christmas light extravaganza in Saskatoon this weekend. I was there for  total 24 hours and that was enough “Canadian winter” for me. Burrrr!
IMG_3071 7. A blurry chandelier from Style night at Ma-Luxe last week.

xo Alana

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East / West

Another bonus to marrying into a family from India, aside from the food, colourful ceremonies, and again the food…. is the jewelry!!

Planning a Hindu wedding was a crash course in traditional Indian style, and now I’m having fun experimenting with a blend of east & west. One of my favourite pieces, seen here and here, is called a tikka. It looks like an earring with a long chain that hooks into the hair while the jeweled part lies on the forehead.

I paired my tikka with a leather Calvin Klein dress, a messy side braid, and a few bangles. I love how the look is neither Indian nor western, but a nice marriage of the two. Recently seen on the Chanel runway, East meets West is a super fun style to experiment with, and an accurate title for my life!

Have a great weekend!


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The Calm

I snapped these images while enjoying the day after my best friend’s wedding. The calm after the amazing, beautiful, storm! I also took the chance to test drive my new DIY Valentino Rockstud Heels, which are actually very comfortable and sturdy! This BCBG ribbed dress is so comfortable, like pajamas I could wear outside the house!

In other news, the last day of my work term is today and I’m so sad. If you’d like a glimpse into my other world in a media production team, check out the goodbye video I made with my two work brothers! (Warning…..it’s pretty ridiculous!!)

Cheers!!! Alana

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Year One

Tomorrow marks the first birthday of my blog! I really can’t imagine my life without this online presence, and it’s brought me so much joy and amazing opportunities. Thank you to everyone who visits, leaves comments, clicks “like,” it really makes my day!

In the next week you’ll see a fresher look & feel of the blog, a much needed update that I’ve been thinking about for months.

Thanks for stopping by, I can’t wait for year 2! Look forward to better and more content, fresh DIYs and loads of beautiful images. I’ve collected my favourite images from the past year, sorry if it takes forever to load, I couldn’t help myself!!

xoxoxoxo Alana

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followed me home…..

Last time we spotted a pair of shoes in the wild they were of the striped variety and easily spooked.

 These black beauties just happened to follow me home, what are the odds!?

xo, Alana

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There’s No Place Like Home

So it’s common knowledge that clicking your ruby heels thrice while chanting “there’s no place like home” will allow for safe passage to your Kansas farm. If I click my leopard heels by the same method where do you think I would appear!? Heaven? Dollywood?
I found these heels randomly, and during my first few hours of breaking them in I had at least 6 people tell me they were going to steal them off my feet! A big hit with everyone, and they are comfortable! Huzaah!

I hope everyone has a lot to look forward to this week! I just joined twitter yesterday, still getting used to it but follow me if you like!


heels: Guess “carrie” pumps in leopard, zipper jeans: Zara basics

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Through the Looking Glass pt 2

"Smoke and Mirrors" 2011 by Alana Parsons

The last of the images from a photoshoot a few weeks ago (seen here and here), I promise I won’t post anymore! I love all things shiny and reflective, mostly because I’m horribly vain, so this shoot was one of my favorites, even though I didn’t get to see my own reflection 😉

Spotted something shiny, gotta go,

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Through the Looking Glass

A few more photos from my Smoke and Mirror photo shoot!

In other news, after a month and a half of blogging, I’ve had a solid amount of views, subscribers and feedback! I’m so stoked! Thanks SO SO much for visiting to my blog, and I’ll try to keep the content new and original! If you enjoy a post, let me know, or if you want to see something else, again, let me know!
This blog is becoming one of my favorite outlets, a break from all the other computer work I do, so it seems so awesome when other people connect to it!

Come back soon for more!!!!!

Thanks so much,

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