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kelly Wearstler Inspired Christmas DIY

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It’s almost Christmas!! Last night I decided My mantel needed a little more Christmas decoration so I made a mini version of this DIY inspired by kelly Wearstler’s brass kaleidoscope! It took me 5 minutes to make, and about an hour to let the spray paint dry.

IMG_0948 2

Tools Needed:

– Self drying clay
– tooth picks
– spray paint

3 21. Roll the clay into small balls, start placing tooth picks into the clay.1 2 2. You can add as many or as little tooth picks as you want, for different looks.
2 23. Spray paint in a well ventilated space, wait an hour or two and you’re done!

IMG_0951 2

I added these plus a few sparkly christmas balls to the candles on my mantel, perfect for Christmas tomorrow!



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DIY Easy Moroccan Lanterns

I’ve been in a love affair with Moroccan lanterns for as long as I an remember, can you blame me!?Recently I was looking for tall thin Moroccan lanterns for summer decoration and I couldn’t find anything I liked. In the midst of looking for a local metal shop class to learn it for myself, I realized one of my favorite craft items would be perfect for such a project!

Tools needed
Mirrored paper (metallic looking craft paper) found at Michaels, used here as well!
A paper-cutter in the pattern of your choice. I used a magnetic stamp cutter from Martha Stewart.
– Hot glue
– Scissors

Begin by aligning your cutter with the corner of your paper and stamp down. Now keeeeeeep stamping out the pattern, being sure to keep the everything straight and in line.
Once you’ve stamped the pattern in the whole sheet, decide how tall/short/wide/thin you want your lanterns to be. I chose a water-glass as my guide, making the lantern thin but keeping it tall. Cut your chosen size and secure the open sides with dots of hot glue approx every inch.

To prevent candles burning the paper I placed my candles in water glasses and placed the lantern over it!

That’s it! I made four lanterns from one piece of mirrored paper, and I love the results! These are going to be all over my house this summer!

In other news, by an online random name chooser I have the winner of my DIY Chanel/ Pamela Love Crystal Cuff giveaway!!!!  I actually decided that since I made more than I can wear I would give away three!!!!

The winners are: Indra W, Rebecca, and Becky!

I’m so excited to send each of you one and I hope you love them as much as I do!



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DIY: Disco Globe

Here you have the product of way too much misdirected time that could have been spent doing actual work! (check out the Living Photo here) I’ve always loved disco balls, not really to disco under but as a fun addition to a boring room! I began with my guy’s childhood globe which I commandeered and immediately spray painted silver (not giving him a chance to get nostalgic and change his mind!)

Next I took a sheet of silver paper found at Michael’s, measured and cut lots and lots of tiny squares. Cue the glue gun and endless patience!

If you’re wondering “that must have taken a while” the answer is yes. Yes it did !
The outcome was really great, you can hardly tell it isn’t real glass!  This shiny fellow is now sitting on a living room shelf stealing the show and all the sunlight!

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Disco Globe

Just a living photo featuring a recent DIY project. Instructions to follow tomorrow!!!
I had a great weekend, full of friends, food and football. I made my famous guacamole, and by “my famous” I mean my guy’s recipe that I now take the credit for 😉 If you guys want to know the guacalicious recipe I COULD share it, but you will be forever cursed with the affliction of not being welcome anywhere unless you bring the guacamazing with you. Truth.

Hope your monday doesn’t suck, and check back tomorrow for the Disco globe DIY instructions!!!


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DIY Kelly Wearstler Inspired Anemone

I spied this Kelly Wearstler brass sculpture a while ago and it has never left my mind, so I decided to DIY it! The original is called a kaleidoscope, but I’d rather call it an anenome! The light it casts on the wall is really beautiful, almost under waterly (I know that isn’t a word, but I’m using it anyway!)

I began by taking a styrofoam ball and about 150 straws, another good option would be wooden skewers. I drove the straws in as deep as I could, and secured some with glue. Then I coated it with Krylon champagne coloured spray paint an voila! It’s definitlely not as awesome or strong as a brass sculpture would be, but until I have an extra 2 grand available for art, this will have to do! I really love my new sculptures and I think I’m going to make half anemones to hang on my wall!


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