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Dream, Create on Instagram

IMG_30511. A lovely birthday gift from my girls!
IMG_30522. Having fun with said lovely gift.
IMG_3106 3. Another gift that is so strangely perfect for me! I spray paint everything, I may or may not be Banksy.
IMG_29804. A birthday gift from my mom, which hasn’t left my side since I got it!
IMG_30145. Pairing a vintage polka dot skirt and leopard heels the other day.im6. Drive through Christmas light extravaganza in Saskatoon this weekend. I was there for  total 24 hours and that was enough “Canadian winter” for me. Burrrr!
IMG_3071 7. A blurry chandelier from Style night at Ma-Luxe last week.

xo Alana

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The Gentlewoman

Some of you may remember this post where I found out I would be blogging for Guess! Well my first post is up and I couldn’t be more excited!

I focused on my love for menswear, featuring classic tailored pieces with a feminine edge and of course a great oversized Guess watch.

Check out the full post at Guess!

In other news, I’m leaving for my honeymoon today, and I’ll be taking a week off from posting to enjoy life!


(watch: Guess, hat: Le Chateau, blazer: BCBG, pants: Zara)

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In Memorandum

In possibly the most frivolous post ever, I pay my respects to my blonde hair which is now chocolatey brown. I never intended to be a blonde, but I just let me hair dresser do what she likes and ended up loving it. Funny how we get attached to something so…unimportant.

And for the record, it’s true; blondes do have more fun!



(dress: BCBG, lipstick: Nars Carthage)

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When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.
When life gives you rain and falling leaves, make art!

xoxo Alana

blazer: BCBG, Hat: Le Chateau, watch: Guess

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The Calm

I snapped these images while enjoying the day after my best friend’s wedding. The calm after the amazing, beautiful, storm! I also took the chance to test drive my new DIY Valentino Rockstud Heels, which are actually very comfortable and sturdy! This BCBG ribbed dress is so comfortable, like pajamas I could wear outside the house!

In other news, the last day of my work term is today and I’m so sad. If you’d like a glimpse into my other world in a media production team, check out the goodbye video I made with my two work brothers! (Warning…..it’s pretty ridiculous!!)

Cheers!!! Alana

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