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kelly Wearstler Inspired Christmas DIY

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It’s almost Christmas!! Last night I decided My mantel needed a little more Christmas decoration so I made a mini version of¬†this DIY inspired by kelly Wearstler’s brass kaleidoscope! It took me 5 minutes to make, and about an hour to let the spray paint dry.

IMG_0948 2

Tools Needed:

– Self drying clay
– tooth picks
– spray paint

3 21. Roll the clay into small balls, start placing tooth picks into the clay.1 2 2. You can add as many or as little tooth picks as you want, for different looks.
2 23. Spray paint in a well ventilated space, wait an hour or two and you’re done!

IMG_0951 2

I added these plus a few sparkly christmas balls to the candles on my mantel, perfect for Christmas tomorrow!



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When fall arrives, my attention drifts away from the garden and I begin to obsess about my house! I’ve been looking for inspiration on Pinterest and design sites, but my new favourite source for lustful design ideas is the Domino Book of Decorating. Not only does the book have many of my favourite images from the old Domino magazine, but it also serves as a design guide. With tips on colours, furniture, layout, and theme combinations, it provides a clarity to interior design which I’ve always lacked. The ideas and inspirations are timeless, and I can see myself referring back to this book for years of come.

Where do you guys get your design tips/inspiration?

xo Alana

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