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kelly Wearstler Inspired Christmas DIY

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It’s almost Christmas!! Last night I decided My mantel needed a little more Christmas decoration so I made a mini version of this DIY inspired by kelly Wearstler’s brass kaleidoscope! It took me 5 minutes to make, and about an hour to let the spray paint dry.

IMG_0948 2

Tools Needed:

– Self drying clay
– tooth picks
– spray paint

3 21. Roll the clay into small balls, start placing tooth picks into the clay.1 2 2. You can add as many or as little tooth picks as you want, for different looks.
2 23. Spray paint in a well ventilated space, wait an hour or two and you’re done!

IMG_0951 2

I added these plus a few sparkly christmas balls to the candles on my mantel, perfect for Christmas tomorrow!



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Decembeard: A Santa DIY

11 2

IMG_0777 2

Confession time: I’m a total sucker for funny moustaches, but strictly not on people’s faces. I love moustache party favours, stickers, you name it!
I was going to make some moustaches to use as magnets and push-pins, but since it’s Christmas time and I’ve done absolutely no decorating, behold my Santa Beard  magnet/pushpin DIY!

Time: 15 minutes or less

-White and/or sparkly foam sheets found at my local dollar store
-Scissors, craft blade & a pen
-Self adhesive magnet roll or push pins


1. Draw out your santa beard on space paper and cut it out


2. Trace out the beard on the back side of your foam sheet.


3. Cut out beard with scissors and if use your craft blade to cut out the mouth piece.


4. Cut your magnet to size, peel off paper to expose adhesive and attach it to the back of your beard (or Rudolf nose!)


5. You can use the same method to create festive push-pins for your office corkboard or inspiration board. Simply use a little hot glue to attach a pushpin to the back of the beard.

This fun and fast DIY has made my refrigerator so jolly, and maybe it’ll remind me to decorate for Christmas ASAP!



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I’ve been waiting for a day off for… the last 6 months, and finally I have more free time than I know
what to do with.
It’s subsequently maddening and brilliant.
My brain is in over drive, so stay tuned for some cool shit!

XOX Alana

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The Calm

I snapped these images while enjoying the day after my best friend’s wedding. The calm after the amazing, beautiful, storm! I also took the chance to test drive my new DIY Valentino Rockstud Heels, which are actually very comfortable and sturdy! This BCBG ribbed dress is so comfortable, like pajamas I could wear outside the house!

In other news, the last day of my work term is today and I’m so sad. If you’d like a glimpse into my other world in a media production team, check out the goodbye video I made with my two work brothers! (Warning…’s pretty ridiculous!!)

Cheers!!! Alana

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DIY Valentino Rockstud Heels

I saw these shoes months ago, and instantly fell in love!!! The price point was just a touch too high, plus the lizard version I loved was no longer for sale. But DIY-ing a shoe is impossible…..right? I thought I would wing it, but only of I could find a great shoe to build from.

I found the Sam Edelman sling backs on a crazy sale ($40 down from $120) and I knew I was meant to DIY them!!

This is a rather intermediate DIY, for the fearless DIY-ers out there!!!

Tools & materials:
– a well made pair of sling-backs to build on
– a square foot of leather (I found mine at my local Tandy Leather, only $14 for a meter!)
– studs, I ordered these ones, and I used around 30 studs
– a very sharp pair of scissors
– a craft knife like an X-acto, I used a wood carving knife because it was right there!
– the strongest super glue you can find!
– a needle and thread

1. Cut out a template for the pieces you’ll need. I drew approximate pieces on paper, then held them up to my shoe and trimmed them to fit. I used five pieces, one around the toe, one attached to the sling back, a strap around the ankle, a piece to connect the ankle strap to the toe, and one around the middle of the foot.
2. Lay out your pieces on the leather and trace them with your craft knife. Use a light hand, the knife will leave a visible mark in the leather.
3. Once you’ve traced it, use your scissors to cut the leather. I left the leather edges unfinished, because it doesn’t fray and looks great!

4. Using my craft knife I made two holes in my leather strip, inserted the stud and closed it in the back with my fingers. I spaced the next stud holes 1/2 and inch from the first stud (see below) and that seemed to my the perfect spacing.
5. Once I added all the studs to the leather I noticed that the leather puckered a little on the edges, so I simply went back with my scissors and trimmed the edges straight again.

6. I first tried sewing the leather to the shoe, but I didn’t like the look, so I turned to super glue…I figured if this guy trusts his life with glue, I could trust my shoes with super glue!
7. To make sure everything would fit, I did lot’s of gluing with my shoes on, then I took them off and glued all the corners and spots I had missed. For the toe and the sling back, I attached them directly to the shoe to retain the integrity of the shoe.

8. I connected the long strip from the toe to the ankle. The strip across the middle of your foot is connected to the two ends of the sling back and the long strip down the front.

9. For the ankle strap I pilfered a small buckle from pair of sandals and simply secured it to the end of the ankle strap with needle and thread. I poked a few holes in the other end of the strap to complete the buckle.

Then I ran around the house with my shoes on to test the durability, and so far so great! I can hardly believe this DIY turned out so well, but once you get your head wrapped around the idea, it’s basically just adding strips of leather to a shoe.

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DIY Sock Bun Part 2: The Sock

After posting the instruction for my favourite hair secret, the sock bun, I received several questions about making the sock doughnut, something I skipped right past in my original post. Making the sock doughnut is super easy, so follow the animated instructions to make one yourself!

1. Grab a clean sock and a pair of scissors.
2. Cut off the toe of the sock.

3. You now have an open-ended sock, or a very small leg warmer.
4. Roll the sock into a doughnut, see animation below to see it happen!

I hope this clears up any confusion in making the sock doughnut, I’m loving all your comments about your successful sock buns, and loving all your questions!

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DIY Sock Bun

The sock bun was my go to hairstyle all summer, and it looks like it’s here to stay! It started as a way to survive the summer heat without a blanket of hair down my back, and stuck around because it takes 60 seconds to do, stays put all day without pinning or adjusting, and looks polished even if you’re running late and have no time to wash your hair. Every single time I wear my sock bun I get questions from most women in a 10 foot radius, and none of them have heard of it!

Check out my sock bun in action here, here & here!

It takes a little practice to perfect, but as you can see in the animation below, I executed a perfect bun in 20 seconds without looking in a mirror!

To begin, grab a sock and a pair of scissors. You should use a sock similar to your hair colour, but I used a navy blue sock for the demo so you could see it!

1. Cut off the toe of any {clean} sock you have lying around. Roll up the sock until you achieve a sock doughnut.

{UPDATE: check my other post on how to cut and roll the sock here!}

2. Put your hair in a pony tail.  The higher the pony, the higher the bun! I add a little dry shampoo to my pony tail to add texture and grip (clean slippery hair is way harder to use.)

3. Put your hair through the sock, then begin tucking the ends up through the sock doughnut.

4. Continue to tuck and roll your hair around the sock. Use your fingers to spread out the hair if the sock isn’t covered, and keep tucking in loose pieces as they come out.

5. When the sock/hair roll is near the base of the pony you want to do one last roll, which should flatten the bun to your head and feel very secure. If the bun feels loose, try tuck/rolling it downwards again until you can no longer roll it.  I never use bobby pins with this bun, and it has lasted a full day of work, lunch time dance practice, and all through dinner ( still looking  polished!)

If those directions leave you somewhat puzzled, check out my sock bun in action below!! Everyone should immediately try this out, it’s made my life so much easier, garnered soo many compliments, and I can’t imagine not having it in my beauty arsenal!

Good luck, happy sock bunning, and leave my a comment if you have questions or sock bun success stories!!!


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Year One

Tomorrow marks the first birthday of my blog! I really can’t imagine my life without this online presence, and it’s brought me so much joy and amazing opportunities. Thank you to everyone who visits, leaves comments, clicks “like,” it really makes my day!

In the next week you’ll see a fresher look & feel of the blog, a much needed update that I’ve been thinking about for months.

Thanks for stopping by, I can’t wait for year 2! Look forward to better and more content, fresh DIYs and loads of beautiful images. I’ve collected my favourite images from the past year, sorry if it takes forever to load, I couldn’t help myself!!

xoxoxoxo Alana

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Shades of White

My absolute favourite thing to wear in the summer is a beautiful, gauzy white dress with interesting detail. A little white dress can be simultaneously youthful and timeless, begs to be worn barefoot running around in the sun, and looks good on everyone. Another bonus to the summer white is that you can find gorgeous options at every price point as displayed here!

Dresses from left: Dolce Vita, DIY Fish Scale Dress, London Times, DIY Zimmermann Applique Dress



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DIY Pearls and Olivia Palermo Inspired Top

Extending my underwater obsession into a literal translation, the look seen here was inspired by mermaids, pearls and an amazing Chanel runway show!

All the DIYs were super easy and took under 20 minutes each!

I paired my DIY Olivia Palermo inspired top with a leather panel pencil skirt from Club Monaco, and my DIY Chanel Crystal Cuff. The result was floaty and romantic, anchored by the black pencil skirt. I like to balance out anything über girly with something more structured.

To create the DIY off the shoulder shirt I started with an American Apparel chiffon t-shirt and cut off the collar to widen the neckline. To created a simple hem I cut thin strips of peel & stick fabric fuse, lined the inside of the newly cut collar and folded it over. This creates a smooth hem, no sewing required!

For the arm ties I found chiffon ribbon , secured it to the arm with strips of fabric fuse and tied a bow!
Super easy!!

To create the pearl pins, I simple took a few faux pearls, some craft wire, threaded the wire through the pearl and twisted it onto the loop of the bobby pin!

For the pearls down my back, I found these Martha Stewart adhesive pearl embellishments at Michael’s and secured them to my back with eyelash glue. Use a friend for this project, as it’s hard to make a straight line in the mirror!

Happy Independence day to All my lovely American readers!



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