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Style Nights


Saturday night was my birthday, but I’m totally over celebrating with dinner then dancing. The day started with a birthday brunch for one of my oldest friend (whose birthday is the same day) then onto Style Night at Ma-Luxe studios. I’ll preface this by saying that no one asked me to write about this event, I just think it’s the greatest idea ever!
Ma-Luxe Style Nights offers professional hair/makeup/nails at amazing prices all under the same roof to help us ladies get ready for all the events during the holiday season. Saturday was the inaugural Style Night, and it was sooo sooo fun! Complete with champagne and dance music, it was like getting ready with girlfriends, if your girlfriends were a professional beauty team. Their menu lets you pick from an array of beauty options, from a classic red lip to a full face and up-do.
The sweetest thing, when the amazing ladies there found out it was my birthday they went above and beyond to make it special for me. When the owner of a company brings you a chocolate/peppermint cake pop…so sweet!

Anyhoo..for anyone fortunate enough to live in Victoria BC, there’s another Style Night next saturday Dec 14th! I highly recommend checking it out!

xo Alana

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A Living Photo from this day, hanging with my Indian tikka!

xo Alana

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The Gentlewoman

Some of you may remember this post where I found out I would be blogging for Guess! Well my first post is up and I couldn’t be more excited!

I focused on my love for menswear, featuring classic tailored pieces with a feminine edge and of course a great oversized Guess watch.

Check out the full post at Guess!

In other news, I’m leaving for my honeymoon today, and I’ll be taking a week off from posting to enjoy life!


(watch: Guess, hat: Le Chateau, blazer: BCBG, pants: Zara)

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In Memorandum

In possibly the most frivolous post ever, I pay my respects to my blonde hair which is now chocolatey brown. I never intended to be a blonde, but I just let me hair dresser do what she likes and ended up loving it. Funny how we get attached to something so…unimportant.

And for the record, it’s true; blondes do have more fun!



(dress: BCBG, lipstick: Nars Carthage)

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East / West

Another bonus to marrying into a family from India, aside from the food, colourful ceremonies, and again the food…. is the jewelry!!

Planning a Hindu wedding was a crash course in traditional Indian style, and now I’m having fun experimenting with a blend of east & west. One of my favourite pieces, seen here and here, is called a tikka. It looks like an earring with a long chain that hooks into the hair while the jeweled part lies on the forehead.

I paired my tikka with a leather Calvin Klein dress, a messy side braid, and a few bangles. I love how the look is neither Indian nor western, but a nice marriage of the two. Recently seen on the Chanel runway, East meets West is a super fun style to experiment with, and an accurate title for my life!

Have a great weekend!


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The perfect thing to add a little colour on a dreary day: bright lipstick!
My weapon of choice, Nars Carthage. I may be over romanticizing a tube of colour in these pictures, but Nars never let’s me down!

XO Alana

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The Calm

I snapped these images while enjoying the day after my best friend’s wedding. The calm after the amazing, beautiful, storm! I also took the chance to test drive my new DIY Valentino Rockstud Heels, which are actually very comfortable and sturdy! This BCBG ribbed dress is so comfortable, like pajamas I could wear outside the house!

In other news, the last day of my work term is today and I’m so sad. If you’d like a glimpse into my other world in a media production team, check out the goodbye video I made with my two work brothers! (Warning…’s pretty ridiculous!!)

Cheers!!! Alana

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Today is a holiday, so I’m taking a break!!

I’m leaving you with another image from a shadowy evening, seen here and here!

xo Alana

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DIY Sock Bun Part 2: The Sock

After posting the instruction for my favourite hair secret, the sock bun, I received several questions about making the sock doughnut, something I skipped right past in my original post. Making the sock doughnut is super easy, so follow the animated instructions to make one yourself!

1. Grab a clean sock and a pair of scissors.
2. Cut off the toe of the sock.

3. You now have an open-ended sock, or a very small leg warmer.
4. Roll the sock into a doughnut, see animation below to see it happen!

I hope this clears up any confusion in making the sock doughnut, I’m loving all your comments about your successful sock buns, and loving all your questions!

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DIY Sock Bun

The sock bun was my go to hairstyle all summer, and it looks like it’s here to stay! It started as a way to survive the summer heat without a blanket of hair down my back, and stuck around because it takes 60 seconds to do, stays put all day without pinning or adjusting, and looks polished even if you’re running late and have no time to wash your hair. Every single time I wear my sock bun I get questions from most women in a 10 foot radius, and none of them have heard of it!

Check out my sock bun in action here, here & here!

It takes a little practice to perfect, but as you can see in the animation below, I executed a perfect bun in 20 seconds without looking in a mirror!

To begin, grab a sock and a pair of scissors. You should use a sock similar to your hair colour, but I used a navy blue sock for the demo so you could see it!

1. Cut off the toe of any {clean} sock you have lying around. Roll up the sock until you achieve a sock doughnut.

{UPDATE: check my other post on how to cut and roll the sock here!}

2. Put your hair in a pony tail.  The higher the pony, the higher the bun! I add a little dry shampoo to my pony tail to add texture and grip (clean slippery hair is way harder to use.)

3. Put your hair through the sock, then begin tucking the ends up through the sock doughnut.

4. Continue to tuck and roll your hair around the sock. Use your fingers to spread out the hair if the sock isn’t covered, and keep tucking in loose pieces as they come out.

5. When the sock/hair roll is near the base of the pony you want to do one last roll, which should flatten the bun to your head and feel very secure. If the bun feels loose, try tuck/rolling it downwards again until you can no longer roll it.  I never use bobby pins with this bun, and it has lasted a full day of work, lunch time dance practice, and all through dinner ( still looking  polished!)

If those directions leave you somewhat puzzled, check out my sock bun in action below!! Everyone should immediately try this out, it’s made my life so much easier, garnered soo many compliments, and I can’t imagine not having it in my beauty arsenal!

Good luck, happy sock bunning, and leave my a comment if you have questions or sock bun success stories!!!


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