The Real Cost of Fashion


It’s personal dilemma central over here!

Fresh from a shopping trip to the ubiquitously loved Zara, armed with a few new pars of shoes, I felt pretty good about my well-priced purchases.
For the last year I’ve been really trying to invest in quality over quantity, yet the draw of a quick fashion fix led me astray to Zara which is the world’s largest mass clothing manufacturer. I’ve read about how detrimental “fast fashion” waste is to the world, but today I read about all the toxic chemicals found in the clothing of several mass clothing companies.
Zara has committed to “detoxifying” their company by 2020, but think of all the poison we’ll be wearing until then, and all the chemical run-off polluting our water. As the daughter of a retired environmental education professor who cleans up rivers on weekends, I feel guilty.
I can’t promise that I will never buy from Zara again because their jeans fit me like a glove, but I’ve been thinking about ways to start helping the situation starting at home.

Ways to help:
1. Update your existing wardrobe. Tailor or alter your old pieces to fit better and give them new life.
2. Shop Vintage. You can find amazing pieces without adding to mass consumerism. If you’re too busy to scour your local shops, shop vintage online. Shoppalu is one of my favourite online Canadian vintage shops.
3. Educate yourself. These two articles changed my life (here & here), and read more about Zara and Greenpeace here.

The solution begins with us.






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3 thoughts on “The Real Cost of Fashion

  1. boxnoire says:

    Great tips on fighting fast fashion…
    But, we’re still totally in love with those shoes xx

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